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Dispatchers: "The Calm in The Chaos"

Studies show the average person calls 911 once or twice in their lives. Some people never call, but everyone should know that we are here when you need us the most.

But sometimes disaster rears up, and when it does, we are 'first' first responders. When it comes down to life and death we support patients until they are in the capable hands of EMS units, firefighters, or police officers. We are the first link in the chain of survival.

We are the ears that provide vital information to responders, and we are the first to be on scene.

We're here when your chimney catches on fire, when you have chest pain, when you hit a patch of black ice. Every day our team arrives at work with the mindset of helping, of trying our best, of following the protocols and procedures that are specifically tailored and crafted to help us give the caller the best possible outcome and the best possible customer service experience when callers need it the most.

We have some exciting changes coming up in our agency, and we hope to usher in a new era of community involvement in the critical work we do to keep citizens of the 54 towns and townships in Oxford County safe.

Whenever you need us, we will be here. Day or night.


When you call 911, the first thing to remember is to be patient with us. We know that you are most likely stressed and scared, but knowing what to expect may help.

First, we are going to ask you for you address, twice. There's a common misconception that a 911 call taker knows a caller's location automatically. We have some cool technology we use to help us find callers, but technology isn't perfect and we need to make sure we send the responders to the right place.

Second, we are going to ask a lot of questions. Please keep in mind that we can't see what's going on on scene, and our questions become our only tool in making sure everyone is safe.


While calling 911 is no joke, every child should be comfortable calling 911 if they have to. A simple conversation can go a long way!

We hope these tools can parents talk to their children about the importance of 911 and what to expect when they call,.